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Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Zanzibar beach holidays is one of the best beaches in Tanzania attracts many holidaymakers in East African coast an. Zanzibar beaches stretched from South to North, the best beach area in Zanzibar is on the eastern side & the north poit, the west side is more or less unused. Today our Tanzania safaris and Zanzibar beach holidays are more popular than ever, Zanzibar beach holidays package can still be organized independently without Tanzania safaris.

Zanzibar Beach Holidays & Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania, Zanzibar is situated on the very eastern side of Africa in the tropical region, just below the equator hence enjoying a yearly around sunshine and a pleasant climate of about 30C. Flying from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam mainland is 20 minutes while flying to the tourism capital City of Arusha is about an hour. Arusha city is where most of Northern Tanzania safaris starts. The locations of Zanzibar & Tanzania mainland gives us a privilege of combing Tanzania safaris & beach holidays in Zanzibar

Think of Zanzibar and pictures of the very romantic past, dhows with white sails in Indian ocean, endless, palm fringed beaches, women in black veil, ruins and exotic spices floats
Before your eyes. The most thrilling history of this island, all these today, are still reflects in the culture and traditions of the Zanzibaris.

The name Zanzibar is thought to be derived from the Arabic words “Zinj el bar” which literally means “the land of black people”. Unguja, Mafia, Pemba and  other  small islets collectively are making the semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Unguja is the largest of all and is referred by many to be Zanzibar. From time to time when people say we are going to Zanzibar they actually mean Unguja Island. The legendary Stone Town is the capital  of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is famous for its white sand beaches stretching from south east to the northeast including the Beach of Bwejuu which has been rated to be among the finest beaches of the world. Other beaches are of Kiwengwa, Nungwi , Pwani Mchangani, Matemwe, Pongwe, Michamvi just to mention few. The palm fringed beaches, the fascinating history and the spices plantations introduced decade ago is making Zanzibar to be the remarkable island in East African Coast. The Island is referred by many to be the spice island.

Zanzibar Dhow Cruise – Safari Blue Package

Zanzibar Beach Holidays Tour & excursions

Zanzibar Island Tours & Excursions

Zanzibar Beach HolidaysZanzibar tours and excursions can be done independently during your visit in this island but can as well be combined with Tanzania wildlife safari package or Mount Kilimanjaro and Meru expeditions or both.
As an experienced Tour Company and a ground handling of this part of Africa we knows Zanzibar hotels inside out and would love to listen to your wishes and suggestions depending on your description of your desired hotel, but still we can recommend the hotels and activities to match your needs and ideas.

Hotels in Zanzibar are categorized into thee: – Luxury hotels to choose from upper- range, mid-range and budget hotels all this are grouped into two, beach Hotel and Stone Town Hotels. In both areas we have a range, Beach bungalow resorts are not certainly cheap like many people tend to think but they also come in all groups and prices. Luxury, mid-range and budget beach bungalows.

As a ground handling we are in a position of arrange various activities in this historical Island ranging from Stone Town Tours, The spice plantation tours, Dolphin tours to the Southern beaches at Kizimkazi includes snorkeling. Safari blue, a walking culture tour at Jambian village, A visit to Jozani forest home to the Red Colubus Monkeys, known in Swahili as the ‘Kima Punju’ A visit to The Prison Island with an engine wooded boat this can be combined with either Spice tour or Stone Town tour. See Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar BeachPlease note. We recommend diving trip to be organized right from the lodge. We have number of diving clubs all around the Island like One Ocean and others. Mnemba Atoll is the well-known diving paradise on the island.
Contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions and advice on where to stay, what to do and if you wish we can arrange the best and memorable beach holiday for you in this exotic Island of Zanzibar. Karibu Sana.

We welcome you all to enjoy our Tanzania safari & Zanzibar beach holidays. Below please find our Zanzibar beach packages

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