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Climbing to the high altitude is secured if you do all the plans to avoid altitude sickness and by far ensure well-being. When you want to attempt Kilimanjaro Mountain, you should think of altitude sickness prevention and start setting yourself to be in incredible physical condition and have the ability to run four to five miles in forty-five minutes. There is no out and out remedial contra-sign for moving to this height except for certain heart and pneumonia illnesses. Extraordinary embellishment will allow the trekker to admire his work at tallness, without total shortcoming.

You should drink up 3-4 liters of fluid and cca 4000 calories consistently. A consuming regimen high in carbs seems to help reduce symptoms of extreme mountain issue and construct a blood oxygen level and being in high calories. See Climbing Kilimanjaro Tours

Ascension shielded with  Back to Africa Safaris (Altitude Sickness)

In the greater part of our climbing calendars are fused capable, quality mountain supplies, awesome food, water and security from the segments. We give a sort of sustenance, which will give sugar in lunch and breakfast, and protein food in dinner. A tremendous grouping of regular item flavorings are furthermore useful for growing fluid affirmation and preventing absence of hydration.

Our finished mountain associates will make your excursion protected and easier. They have all around data obviously and the air conditions to suspect anticipated changes and stay far from possible accidents. Our mountain assistants are always 100% physically and rationally masterminded with the objective that they can react to unbalanced circumstances and help climbers in the occasion of wounds or disease. We are always arranged to help you with masterminding the climb and we will accommodate every one of you information about the safe climbing. Just contact us. We are more than happy to offer help.

Serious Mountain Sickness (AMS) or Altitude pain

Serious mountain pain can impact mountain climbers or any person who accomplishes the stature of more than 2500 m, for instance, the summit locale of Mount Kilimanjaro. Most cases are smooth, and indications improve quickly when you move down the mountain to a lower rise. Tender indications of stature disease is called exceptional mountain issue (AMS) and it has smooth symptoms like cerebral agony, nausea, and shortcoming. This are the symptoms you should see and keep the certified sorts of stature torment like HAPE and HACE which impact tactile framework, lungs, muscles, and heart and can be savage inside hours.

The essential treatment and the best is expeditiously taking the affected individual to a lower stature. On the off chance that open, extra oxygen should be given.


Delicate to direct height illness evidences are:

Inconvenience resting; Dizziness or daze; Fatigue; Headache; Loss of ravenous; Nausea or spewing; Rapid pulse; Shortness of breath with exertion.

Reactions of more genuine serious mountain illness are:

To some degree blue recoloring of the skin (cyanosis); Chest coziness or blockage; Confusion; Cough; Coughing up blood; Decreased comprehension or withdrawal from social joint effort; Gray or pale appearance; Inability to walk around a straight line, or to walk at all; Shortness of breath still.

Disadvantage of the Altitude Sickness may be:-

Daze state; Fluid in the lungs (aspiratory edema); Swelling of the cerebrum. The most genuine cases may realize demise as a result of lung issues or cerebrum swelling.


Climbers can take well-being measures to at any rate minimize the reality of the affliction:

Climb the mountain gradually with moderate pace; Stopping for a day or two every 600 meters more than 2400 meters or fuse an extra day of acclimatization; Sleep at lower rise; Drink a lot of fluid; Avoid alcohol and devour general dinners, high in sugars; Be familiar with in front of calendar symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness.

Diamox** (acetazolamide) 250mg tablets to be taken twice a day from 13,000 feet to the top. This medicine is by and large used as a piece of high stature mountaineering and is extremely recommended.

Scrutinized more information Action Guide to High Altitude and insight your specialist if necessary.



Hypothermia is the cutting down of the body focus temperature, and is seen as smooth – 35C/96F to moderate – 33C/93F to fatal 30C/86F. The essential sign of hypothermia is shaking chills and mental, enthusiastic and shrewd dulling.

Smooth hypothermia

At first symptom starts when body temperature drops down to 35.5C/96F, and starts shuddering of the body which is endeavoring to make heat from the fast cumbersome shaking.

Moderate hypothermia

In case the body temperature drops to or between 35C/95F and 33C/93F, man lose general motor control, starts with slurred talk, compelling shuddering, taking off articles of clothing in light of the way that they acknowledge they are cold.

Genuine to deadly hypothermia

Focus body temperature drops down to 30C/86F and the body now simply keeps up hotness around the crucial organs – cerebrum, heart and lungs, and close down blood course to the arms and legs. Exactly when the body temperature drops under to 30C/86F breathing is shallow, individual is semi mindful and at last heart can stop.

A single person with these symptoms should be keep rapid and warmed with additional clothing, and near to a blast or other detesting source.

The best shirking is to not get wet regardless by taking wind affirmation and water repellent outside articles of clothing, for instance, a poncho, blood tex parka, or other water-protective pieces of attire.

Neutralizing activity 

Keep yourself and your articles of clothing dry at all times. You should reliably toll thee well that clothing for your head, hands, body and feet is dry and impenetrable to water and wind. Whether your articles of clothing gets wet from precipitation or sweat you are at peril of hypothermia. Use the layering framework for dressing: a winking layer adjacent to the skin, for instance, capilene or polypropylene, a layer, for instance, store or fleece for insurance, and a breathable water affirmation layer all things considered. Evacuate or incorporate layers as conditions oversee. Keeping sufficiently encouraged and hydrated will help keep up commonplace body temperature.

Sun – sun burns and sun blindness

In Africa, the nature of the tropical sun should not be deprecated. Its ruinous UV shafts penetrate cloud and are all the more proficient with extended height; snow is also a to a great degree effective reflector. (60% to 95 %) This reflected light is the most hurting as it as often as possible sticks routinely unexposed skin, for instance, the nose and jaw. The lips, neck, and the backs of the knees are furthermore especially frail districts. Snow visual lack can be incredibly troublesome, and will oblige your eyes to be gazed for no under 24 hours.

Protection is as blocks: silk scarf for lower face and neck, top, hairs, since very much a while back sleeved shirt, long socks, etc. The ones containing Para-amino benzoic destructive (PABA) or PABA esters, for instance, Pabanol, Pre Sun, are the best.

It is crucial to wear dull sun glasses in a perfect world with side sheets when walking around snow or ice.

Feet issues

The most remarkable and anguishing are sore feet and annoys. Boots should be decently mellowed up and a couple of sets of socks should be worn. Some lean to wearing tennis or running shoes up to the bona fide base of particular rising, or until cold conditions are landed at. Making bother should be managed immediately when the “issue zone” is felt. Empty the boot and spread the region with a zinc oxide tape or something equivalent.

Health and well-being 

If you ever encountered any heart or pneumonic issues, be careful and counsel your specialist before attempt to climb the mountain. In case you are not sure in your physical limits it is recommended that you visit or contact a well-being coach or find a work out administration to set yourself up physically for the mountain.

Follow the instruction & avoid altitude sickness during your Kilimanjaro trekking tours, we are there to help you all the way to the summit. Asante Sana!

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