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Sir Fredric Selous a German Conservationist and a great hunter he once inhibited Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania. The Selous Game Reserve Tanzania is among our Southern wildlife areas in Tanzania which are unspoiled and almost untouched.

Selous Game Reserve Africa.

Game reserve is the second category of wildlife conservation in Tanzania. Selous Game Reserve is the Africa’s largest wildlife sanctuary populated with fauna and flora. It covers an area of about 55,000 km2 which is almost four times of the size of the Serengeti. We can rather say it is the world largest and unspoiled wilderness. UNESCO has designated it as a World Heritage site due to its distinctive ecological importance.

Selous Game Reserve is on the south eastern part of Tanzania, it became a protected area in 1896 and UNESCO’s as World Heritage Site in 1982. The wildlife population in Selous is large and it is the place where you can have a big chance of spotting the wild dog, other animal found in Selous are Elephants, Buffaloes, Crocodiles and hippopotamus. Selous Game Reserve can be reached by road though it is a bit challenging due to its black cotton soil and sand, but can easily reachable by a small aircraft or train from Dar es Salaam.

Selous Game reserve activities.

Game viewing especial for the Selous Game Reserve wild dogs, walking safari and canoeing  are among the activities around Selous, Rufiji River and the Stiegler canyon are some of the attraction around the area. Trekking safari is more popular to explore this area.

This Game reserve was named after an Englishman Sir Frederick selous an early conservationist and a game hunter died at Beho Beho around this territory in 1917, his death occurred while fighting with Germans during the first world war. The same scenarios happened in 1879 when a Scottish explorer and a cartographer Keith Johnston died at Beho beho when leading a RSGS expedition to the Great Lakes of Africa with Thomson.

Despite of being a Game reserve no permanent human settlement or any permanent structure permitted in the area furthermore, all human entry and exit are carefully monitored by Wildlife Division under Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania.

Selous Game Reserve Best Time to Visit.

Selous Game Reserve can be visited throughout the year except during  the rain season of April and May however, it is  still possible to fly to Selous Game Reserve from Dar es salaam, Zanzibar or Arusha during this time.

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