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Ruaha National Park Southern Tanzania

Ruaha National Park in Southern Tanzania

The Southern Park of Ruaha untouched and almost unexplored is the Tanzania’s largest National Park and subsequently the Africans number one after recently been combined with Usangu Game reserve to make the total area of about 15,000 sq km. Safari in Ruaha national park is mostly starting from Dar es Salaam the principal city of Tanzania. Please see our Southern Tanzania safari packages

Ruaha National park in Tanzania

Ruaha National Park is among the Tanzania’s largest and famous wildlife areas that can give a rare game viewing experience to visitors.  The Park is endowed with a high concentration of wildlife and a beautiful landscape ever known. The park ecosystem is unique, almost untouched and unexplored that gives visitors amazing safari experience. Ruaha National Park has become a largest National Park in Africa after recently being combined with Usangu Game Reserve, now it covers an area of about 15,000 sq km.

The trip to Ruaha is highlighted with huge elephants herds found nowhere else in Africa, the herds are normally gathered along the Ruaha River which serves as a life blood of this Park. The rare great Kudu found nowhere else in Tanzania National Parks are inhibiting in this Park.

The Great Ruaha River, Mwagusi, Jongomero, Mzombe and other rivers saves as the life lines of the park. During the dry seasons these rivers leaves some water holes that become refugee areas for animals to drink, when these rivers are completely dry it become roads to move from water holes to another during the game drive.

Despite of Eastern camps being full during high seasons but Ruaha National Park is still too far to experience many visitors like their counter part of the Northern circuit. Large part of Ruaha is unexplored and much time of the year is possible to have the place for yourself.

Ruaha National Park Wildlife

Ruaha National Park is the place where you can spot the endangered African wild dog (painted dog), large herds of Elephants and the Tanzania’s rare Great Kudu others animals are like Lion, Cheetah, Buffalo, Sable and Roan antelopes and many more. The park is rich in birds, over 571 bird species have been recorded here including the migratory species, birds like Ostrich, Horn bills, Herons, Ibises and others can be seen.

Ruaha National Park best time to visit.

Mid-May to Dec is the best time to visit as most of the animals will be assembling around the water holes, otherwise the Park is fabulous all year around. During this dry season it is easy to see animals as foliage dries up and the cover is blown away.

For bird watchers during the rainy season Jan to Jun with lush vegetation and wild flowers is the mostly spectacular time as the normal abundant bird life is enriched by numerous migrant species.

Based on experience we recommend at least 3 days of game viewing and if you wish a walking safaris in Ruaha National Park.

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