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Affordable Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours

Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours & Packages

Kilimanjaro trekking tours is a dream for many Mountain enthusiasts in the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is the Africa’s highest peak and the tallest free standing Mountain on the planet and the most accessible summit on earth. Majority of trekkers are reaching Crater rim with little more than walking sticks, proper clothing and determination.

Have you ever dreamed of climbing Kilimanjaro? And wonder how it feels like to trek along the pure tropical forests with lots of wildlife, camping above the cloud & under the skies full of stars. Lastly, you are standing at (5,895 m) the highest point of African landmass. Be proud because you are among few who have done this one in their lifetime.

Many reasons can lead people to go up there, it can be to test their physical endurance, to reunion with old friends or as a hobby, even as a family adventurous holiday.

Your lifetime trip to Kilimanjaro need proper planning & organization, Back to Africa Safaris is among few specialized company organizing quality private Kilimanjaro Trekking packages at affordable cost, many tour operators offer climbing tours however, only few can be reliable. How to plan & the cost implication please get a glimpse from Climbing Kilimanjaro Cost 2024/2025

Affordable Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours

Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours & packageswhen paying more to get best services that is not right, we believe that every person has right of getting the best  experience based on their budget. As a ground handling & local tour operator we offer low prices that some big companies are considering it as cheap Kilimanjaro trekking cost but don’t be surprised when I tell you that the quality of the service we offer are the same.

Booking Kilimanjaro or Tanzania safari directly with us means cheap as there is no middleman, no agent fees.

Back to Africa Safaris is among members of Kilimanjaro Porters Association (KPA) a non Governmental Organization which deals with porters’ welfare. Being a member we have certified Kilimanjaro guides & porters who meets Kilimanjaro National Park Authority (KINAPA) rules and regulations therefore, we strive to offer quality service at affordable prices and above all the best experience on Kilimanjaro. The company pays much attention to guides as well as to porters & we work together as one family. This big family is led by our guides Tumaini & Frank who have recently guided 11 & 13 years boys to the summit.

Private Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours Packages & Prices

12 Days Kilimanjaro & short safari

8 Days Lemosho Route Itinerary & Prices

18 Days Kilimanjaro Safari & Zanzibar

Marangu Route 5 Days Itinerary & Prices

Marangu Route 6 Days Itinerary & Prices

7 Days Lemosho Route Itinerary & Prices

Machame Route 7 Days Itinerary with Prices

6 Days Machame Route Itinerary & Prices

Rongai Route 6 Days Itinerary & Prices

Safety is our first priority for our whole crew as without them the experience on Kilimanjaro will not be the same! Be ready to meet the best crew in the Mountain “Back to Africa safaris Kilimanjaro dream team.

Climbing certificates are provided to the hikers who reach the actual summit Uhuru Peak (gold certificate) & to whoever reached Gillman’s Point at the edge of the crater will have a green certificate. This will obvious be your life time memories of climbing Kilimanjaro tours.

For many conquering Kilimanjaro Mountain is counting as a lifetime achievement. Our great team of experts are always there to cheer and support you to make your dreams come true.

We pledge to provide quality service for all our climbs, includes:-

• Highly experienced guides with professionalism
• Well trained chef to provide fresh, healthy, nutritious food
• High guide to client ratio of 1:2
• Well purified, clean water to drink
• Hard working Kilimanjaro dream team to support you
• Fair wages to our employees
• Quality, waterproof, four-season mountain tents
• Solid safety and crisis management procedures
• Dining tent with space including chairs & table
• First Aid kits (for wound management & tabs). Portable toilet on request (extra cost)

Kilimanjaro Trekking tours can be combined with our Tanzania wildlife safaris or beach vacation in Zanzibar Island or both. Please let us know your preferences and enjoy a great Mt Kilimanjaro trekking tours with us. Browse on our website to find the best route & package for your trekking. Karibu Sana!

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